Storytelling with a purpose

We’re a small communications and marketing agency that packs a powerful punch.

In Spanish, una vaina bien, means something great that draws people in and that’s always our goal. We love to collaborate with amazing people doing necessary work and help them build engaged audiences through their digital and printed materials.

We apply our core values of transparency, social justice, community, accessibility, and inclusion to everything that we do. That’s why our website is “carbon reducing.” We host it with an eco-friendly company that seeks to lower (and even negate) the high carbon footprint of web hosting. We believe in service to our community so we take on two pro bono clients a year with those who are serving marginalized folks and are doing it with extremely limited resources. We strive to keep our prices accessible for those who do have budgets, therefore we work on a sliding scale. We understand that culturally competent and respectful communication isn’t just about ethnicity or race, it’s about a building culture of inclusion. That’s why we’ve also made our website accessible to those who use screen readers.

We’re always learning and growing. We welcome suggestions on how we can do better.



I’m an activist, organizer, and published writer turned nonprofit communications consultant. I have over ten years of global experience at various organizations of differing sizes in sectors that range from development to education. I’ve worked in countries like Nepal, Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic, and the United States, which has informed my work around cultural competency and cross-cultural communication.

Five years ago, I launched my first small business and was able to use the knowledge I gained to segue into a career in content marketing. Combined with my personal experience in nonprofit, I have a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities these sectors face.

I’m passionate about social justice and helping folks that are doing good work get their stories out there and that’s why I started Una Vaina Bien Communications.

Fun fact about me: I hope to one day own a pet raccoon (their little hands are just too cute). 


I’m a photographer, artist, and graphic designer with six years of experience in project and business management in agriculture, ecotourism, and restaurants in the UK, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. Through my work, I’ve had the opportunity to oversee marketing departments, implement local outreach campaigns, support local grassroots organizing efforts, and create and implement social media strategies for small-to-medium sized businesses. I have a proven track record of creating processes that help my clients increase sales and build engaged audiences.

Allyship through helping to elevate marginalized voices is something I greatly value. My personal goal of doing my part to help build a more equitable and just world is why I co-founded this agency with Mechi.

Fun fact about me: I used to train horses for a living.

Let's work together.

Whether your organization has an existing communications department or needs help getting one off the ground, we'd love to be a part of your story.